Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Allegheny Ad Service, Inc. decorate products and apparel? Is decoration done in-house?

Forty+ years ago Allegheny Ad Service, Inc. made an educated decision to outsource the decoration of products and apparel. Allegheny Ad Service, Inc. relies on three local companies to perform embroidery and screen printing. AAS occasionally relies on a core group of embroiderers and screen printers located throughout the country to minimize shipping costs and meet deadlines.


How does Allegheny Ad. Service, Inc. manage quality control?

We’re proud to say our quality control record is one of the best in the business. AAS uses the most modern technology and cutting-edge processes available in the embroidery and screen printing industries.

The industry trade association ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) rates manufacturing plants each year through a rigorous quality assessment. Allegheny Ad Service, Inc. chooses to use only manufacturers that rank at the top of ASI’s assessment. Our vendors make every reasonable effort to produce and ship goods to customers’ exact specifications, and we ask that clients inspect all goods immediately upon arrival.
Allegheny Ad Service is committed to delivering only high-quality products. Product samples, electronic proofs based on digital imaging, and paper proofs are usually available upon request at no charge.

Pre-production samples are also available for all products whenever enough time is allotted. These kinds of samples are billed at cost. The pre-production charges are usually refundable upon receipt of an approved order, provided there are no changes to the original sample.


I have my logo saved only as a .jpg. Will that format work?

A .jpg file will work in most cases for embroidery, but a .jpg is not a vectored file type. For most products, we require vectored art so that the logo or design can be color-separated to ensure that the cleanest image is produced on the final product.

Solution: Allegheny Ad Service, Inc. in-house art department can re-create the logo or design at a cost of $75 per hour (one hour minimum).


I have selected the design I want printed on my T-shirts, but all I have is a scanned copy. Will that work?

The scanned copy probably will not be sharp enough to produce good printed results.

Solution: Allegheny Ad Service, Inc. in-house art department can re-create the logo or design at a cost of $75 per hour (one hour minimum).



Pricing includes a 3.75% financial discount for paying with cash or check. If paying with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) this discount will be waived. Shipping, Handling & Sales Tax (if applicable) are not included.


Which file formats can I send my artwork in?

We accept Adobe Illustrator .eps or .ai files and Corel Draw .cdr files. We prefer PC-formatted files. Sometimes- Adobe Acrobat .pdf files will work, depending on how the original art was created.


Which file types are NOT accepted when sending artwork?

We DO NOT take:

.doc (Microsoft Word)
.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint)
.psd (Adobe PhotoShop)
.qxd (Quark Xpress)


These kinds of files, in addition to art from business cards, letterhead, photocopies, and other art that is not digital, will need to be scanned. Allegheny Ad Service, Inc. in-house art department is here to help. Our fee is $75 per hour of art service, with a minimum of one hour.